• Standard chucks. TOPlus chuck
    Up to 25 % more clamping force and higher output
    with the same clamping cylinder that is used to
    actuate our SPANNTOP chucks.
  • Standard chucks . Manual chuck TOROK
    The TOROK manual chuck is primarily used in tool
    prototyping on machines without a clamping
  • Standard chucks . Jaw chuck B-Top and B-Top3
    Like all of our products the B-Top jaw chuck line has
    also beendesigned for maximum manufacturing
  • Pruning Tools
    The pneumatic secateur 9210 is a powerful but light
    tool due to a body made of acetalic resin (POM) and
    a single piston with a spring return.
  • Taegu Turn - Hex - Turn
    The 12 cutting edges of this hexagonal negative
    geometry insert will provide dramatically reduced
    production costs.
  • Taps
    -It is suitable for tapping of blind holes
    -It performs best in materials which produce chips in
    a continuous coil form
We are a reliable and trusted solution provider with over 40 years of experience in the industry and offer solutions for work-holding & tool holding, special, standard and indexable carbide tools, lubricants, grinding and sawing. We consider ourselves to be an integral part of your supply chain and provide you with swift service, technical expertise, and fair pricing.

To our partners/principals, we offer infrastructure and local know-how in expanding your business in India. We guarantee consistent and sustainable growth for your business and have a proven track record as a valued and trusted partner.

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